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Consumer Vacuum Storage

Consumer Vacuum Storage

CTI develops, produces and markets several lines of consumer vacuum storage systems. The product line includes:

  • Vacuum sealing machines which evacuate air from, and vacuum seal, storage pouches to protect and preserve food and other household items, in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer.
  • Pouches and rolls of film, composed of oxygen barrier films, for use with our vacuum sealing machines.
  • Zippered pouches, composed of barrier films and incorporated valves, which may be vacuum sealed to protect and preserve food and other household items.
  • Battery-powered and manual pumps used to evacuate air from zippered pouches.

CTI developed and designed these products and holds patents, and patent applications, on machine and component designs, film structures, zipper closures and valve designs.

We produce and market vacuum storage systems under a leading brand:

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Ziploc® Brand Vacuum Storage System