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Who We Are

Who We Are

CTI Industries Corporation is headquartered in Barrington, Illinois, in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. For more than 37 years we have engaged in the development, production, distribution and sale of unique, innovative flexible film products for commercial and consumer markets. We operate in five facilities, including 280,000 square feet of manufacturing, office and warehouse space, in Barrington, Illinois, Guadalajara, Mexico, Rugby, England and Frankfurt, Germany.

We engage in:

Development and design of our flexible film products

We operate a creative design and product development group and engage constantly in design and development of balloon, vacuum sealing and commercial film products.


We produce substantially all of our products at our facilities in Barrington, Illinois and Guadalajara, Mexico.

Marketing and Sales

We market and sell our balloon products throughout the United States and in over 30 countries. We market and sell our consumer vacuum sealing products principally in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

We have four principal lines of products:

  • Foil Balloons
  • Consumer Vacuum Storage Systems
  • Latex Balloons
  • Commercial Films

Over the years, we have developed technical expertise in flexible film technology and have developed and acquired proprietary rights in our products, including 27 patents and hundreds of proprietary designs.

Our offices and facilities are:

CTI Industries Corporation

CTI Industries Corporation

22160 N. Pepper Road Lake Barrington, Illinois 60010 U.S.A.
Tel. (847) 382-1000
Fax (847) 382-1219

Warehouse and Customer Service
800 N. Church Lake Zurich,
Illinois 60047

Flexo Universal (Mexico)

Flexo Universal (Mexico)

Flexo Universal SA de CV
Calle 3 No. 1374 Zona Industrial Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico C.P. 44940 Tel. 011-52-33-3812-7621
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